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Windowsox is one of the greatest sun shade products on the market that offers more than just protection against the scorching sun. This patented design is the answer to the demand for a long overdue improvement to the traditional car window shade products. WindowSox is sold in sets of two. WindowSox absorbs over 80% of the suns harmful UV rays while letting light through. WindowSox is only available for the rear windows. WindowSox South Africa will deliver your WindowSox to major centres in South Africa.







Some of the benefits you can enjoy from your WindowSox.





Protection against the sun

The material WindowSox is made out of absorbs up to 80% of the harmful UV rays.









Deters smash and grabs

WindowSox prevents outsiders from glancing into the back of the vehicle looking for something to snatch.









WindowSox is ideal for nursing mothers when the vehicle is parked. WindowSox will block visibility into the vehicle









WindowSox allows you to open the window allowing fresh air into the vehicle while acting as a barrier against insects. WindowSox is noise free with the window open or close.








Easy to fit

Once WindowSox is fitted, it can be removed and re-fitted within seconds. WindowSox is held down with velcro straps. WindowSox can be hand washed and dries quickly.